WHAT: A Public Private Partnership for a Sustainable Future in LA

WHEN: October 5, 2016, 2pm

WHERE: 411 Theater


The session is described as “A strong collaboration between government officials, tourism and convention agents, sustainability experts, and property managers can result in a greener urban district. This dynamic is illustrated by the success of the Los Angeles Green Lodging Program, a long-term partnership between the City of Los Angeles, the LA Tourism and Convention Board, the Better Buildings Challenge, and Green Seal. Participating hotels enhance their brand and see significant cost savings, improved guest experience and employee engagement. This presentation will describe the implementation and benefits of the program from each partner’s perspective. It will outline the steps taken to forge this strategic partnership, and provide a case study on the LAX Business Improvement District Gateway to L.A. Attendees will come away with a model for achieving this kind of collaborative effort in their own city. They will gain an understanding of how each participant contributes and has seen a benefit over the years. Steps on the creation of a Green Team within the hotel staff will be outlined, and attendees will gain an understanding of what it takes to be a Green Seal-certified hotel.”