Jeff Gould was a guest featured on The Business of Family Podcast hosted by Mike Boyd.

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Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  • The ideal scenario would be to involve Jeff early in planning for the transition but the reality is that he is engaged much later when things need to move quickly.
  • There is a unique skill set that is needed to be a trusted adviser to help the family understand what they have in regards to Real Estate, and develop a plan with that Real Estate called a “Shared Asset Ownership plan” that considers the variables of the next generation.
  • The 3 phased process includes Discovery, Planning, and Implementation.
  • Addressing the issue of Deferred Maintenance; the ‘Do Nothing Scenario’ and the ‘Do Something Scenario’
  • 5 Transition Strategies in Real Estate planning: Communication and Education, Conflict Resolution and Accepting differences, Rediscovering your commercial Real Estate portfolio, Developing a mindful asset transition plan, and Implementing the plan and adjusting for change
  • Jeff’s advice to Real estate entrepreneurs: Creating your estate plan and developing a shared asset ownership plan that aligns with the next generation.
  • Jeff explains that he helps the family understand that it is a fortunate situation to be carrying on and stewarding the transition of the assets rather than focusing on the personal value of the asset to each family member.
  • Be respectful to everyone you encounter.