Jeff Gould was a guest speaker on the online event “Maximizing Your Multi-Generational Wealth with Real Estate” hosted by Los Angeles Consulting Group.

Click here to watch the full recording of the online event.

About the Online Event:
There are trillions of dollars in wealth transfer happening here in the US. The vast majority of this great wave of wealth transfer involves real estate assets and will either positively or negatively affect real estate families, developers, and family-run businesses that own and operate their facilities depending on how they plan for it.

There are numerous challenges with investment management and especially wealth transfer when it comes to family real estate holdings. Real estate can also complicate the estate planning process for successful families. Key challenges include portfolios that require active management, are complex and highly diversified, were built by an aging first or second generation, and may not be well aligned across generations. Without an effective transition plan around what to do with the family-owned real estate long-term, devastating breakdowns and family feuds can occur.

Listen to Dr. Jeremy Lurey of Family Legacy 1st as he had an intimate conversation with Michael Scherer and Jeff Gould as they enabled listeners to “Maximize Your Multi-Generational Wealth with Real Estate.” Together, they reviewed critical topics like estate planning with real estate, developing your family’s Mission with your real estate portfolio, and aligning interests across your multiple generations of family members. They also shared several strategies for determining which properties to keep or sell.

Meet Our Speakers:
Dr. Jeremy Lurey is a talented Family Advisor and Performance Coach. With more than 25 years of progressive experience as a trusted advisor, he serves clients ranging from families of significant wealth to mid-market companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Jeremy is passionate about helping established families transition their businesses and transfer their wealth to the next generation. He regularly facilitates family forums and retreats, drafts family charters, and provides family counseling and coaching both to family and business leaders. With a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, Jeremy is the President & CEO of Family Legacy 1st and CHIEFEXECcoach. He has written several articles and led countless workshops on succession planning and what it takes to create a multi-generation high-performance family.

Michael Scherer is the Managing Director of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC. Michael is a management consultant and Certified Exit Planning Advisor with more than 25 years of hands-on experience across all functional areas of an organization. In addition to consulting with numerous privately held and public companies from start-up to Fortune 100, Michael has managed sales, engineering, and operations teams at companies across North America, Europe, and Asia. He has a proven track record in enterprise value growth as well as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures that include real estate holdings. Michael also manages a diverse portfolio of his own real estate assets, including several multi-unit residential properties.

Jeff Gould is the Founder and Principal of Lineage Asset Advisors, a full-service commercial real estate advisory and consulting firm. Jeff provides customized commercial real estate services to help families make seamless transitions with their properties – from one generation to the next. He also collaborates with estate planning advisors to develop and implement portfolio solutions that meet the goals of multiple generations. Jeff’s aim is to preserve and enhance family wealth and legacy during difficult life transitions while enabling his clients to establish a culture of respect, peace of mind, and financial sustainability.