The Fiduciary Committee of CCIM Greater Los Angeles welcomes you to our introductory webinar and panel discussion on the topic of Fiduciary’s Role with Investment Real Estate. This workshop will introduce the audience to the increasingly important role that a Fiduciary has in managing investment real estate on behalf of trusts which includes legal duties of loyalty, care, and diligence.

This webinar will include a diverse and wide-ranging panel discussion with a corporate trustee, accountant, and estate planning attorney to discuss some of the most important factors for real estate families to consider when developing a real estate succession plan and selecting the appropriate trustee to manage the affairs of the real estate on behalf of the family trust.


  • A Fiduciary’s legal duties of loyalty, care, and diligence
  • Fiduciary support through asset management, advisory, and analytics
  • The importance of succession planning with real estate wealth
  • Considerations in selecting the right Fiduciary for your family trust

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