WHAT: The Legacy Property Series – Highlighting Unique Properties & Their Family Ownership

WHEN: Ongoing, First event on October 19th, 2017 at 5:30pm

WHERE: Multiple locations, First event at Culver City Hotel

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The Legacy Property Series provides attendees with rare insight into the untold history of some of Southern California’s most unique and storied properties told from the perspective of the current owner. This series touches on topics that are relevant to multi-generational families that own commercial real estate. Expect an interactive experience that real estate families can relate to and learn from…

The Property – Hear the unique and storied history of these legacy properties. Participate in a guided tour of the asset. Gain first-hand perspective about the property and its transitions from the owner.

The ownership Perspective – Gain candid insight from the property owner about the challenges they have faced related to investment and management decision, internal family dynamics, estate planning strategies and other financial and transitional dynamics.

A multi-generational Perspective – Listen as owners share their experiences, harnessing the strengths, and coping with the challenges of unique legacy assets. Relate to others who know the powerful influence of the dynamics of family decisions.

Meet other legacy property owning families who will share their valuable observations, insights, experiences, and strategies in transitioning their commercial real estate assets from generation to generation.

Stay tuned for the next event in the series…

  • October 19, 2017, The Culver City Hotel with Maya Mallick
  • January 2018, more details to follow.

Jeff Gould, Lineage Asset Advisors

Drs. Carolyn Friend & Jamie Weiner of Inheriting Wisdom